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‘Cloggz’ is Mark Edwards’ ‘The Cloggz’

a feast of arranging, composing, and detailed playing across a few genres.


The Stardust and Spangles album was recorded at The Retreat Studio in Ovingdean, in a foothill of The Downs, nearby the sea, just outside Brighton.  A long-time colleague offered us the studio time there when he heard us rehearsing at his fabulous studio – we simply wouldn’t have been able to make it otherwise! The recording quality is tippety-top, and Mark’s production and arranging skills are once again keeping it ‘real’, without losing the ‘lush’.



Photo Credit:s Lisa IndigoBurns Wormsley


Imogen Ryall
Loose Tubes
Emil Viklický
Mountain People
Heavy Plant Crossing

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Julian Nicholas
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