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‘‘Heavy Plant Crossing’ [1997] was never ‘released’, and really only represents the emerging idea, even though we sold many a copy at gigs.


It is one more example of my fine friend Colin Walker’s selfless enthusiasm for my endeavours. Installing a studio in my magic basement flat in Powis Square, we mixed live takes using layers and loops, triggering samples from audio, in what was then a revolutionary process. I gigged the band with him as the ninth member on the sound desk on an Arts Council supported tour. Other invaluable contributions came from the wonderful Simon Robinson, Mike Pickering, Thad Kelly and Mark Edwards. John Paricelli, Dawne Adams and Chris Batchelor joined us for the live shows. We developed a smaller, semi-regular band from it – sometimes with the great Oren Marshal, who also understands how genres fuse and morph.



The Cloggz
Loose Tubes
Emil Viklický
Mountain People
Heavy Plant Crossing
Julian Nicholas

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